The Team

Tim Dalman

Tim participated in competitive sports from a young age. With this came a long list of injuries. Through his personal experiences of physiotherapy rehabilitation (good and bad), he was inspired to learn the profession.

Tim graduated from Otago University in 2006. He has always had a special interest in sports medicine and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine in 2009. He also has further qualifications in Clinical Pilates and Trigger Point Dry Needling. Tim is determined to keep up with medical best practice through ongoing education in attending various courses and doing his own personal research.

Tim began his Physiotherapy career with Back in Motion Physiotherapy and Pilates, where he was fortunate enough to work alongside some of New Zealand’s leading physiotherapists. The 4 years he spent there enabled him to soak up the vast knowledge and experience around him. He was also given great opportunities to work with top sports teams and vocational work. The learning continued as Tim moved with his fiance to Wellington to work with ProActive. Here he worked closely with exercise physiologists and bio mechanists before being asked to set up a clinic for Action Physiotherapy. This was too good an opportunity for Tim to turn down, and the two successful years spent building that clinic encouraged Tim to set up Dalman Physiotherapy.

Throughout his career, Tim has been asked to be the Physiotherapist for several elite regional and national sports teams in cricket, basketball and especially football (Otago United 2009-2011, NZ Sec Schools Football 2007-current). Tim played premier football for 10 years as well as representing Canterbury and Otago United, With a busy family life with two young children, Tim has retired from competitive sports, but manages to maintain a tidy golf handicap and do home based gym work.  

Having experienced back injuries, shoulder dislocations (reconstructive surgery), ankle and knee ligament injuries, concussions, groin, whiplash and nerve injuries, Tim understands patient’s frustrations and needs for good rehabilitation following an injury. Tim puts an emphasis on listening to each individual issue and refuses to put any one injury into a box or treat with set protocols. He is driven to make the best diagnosis with his skills and gratified by great results!


Raphael Villareal 

After completing his first year of Health Sciences, a passion for health and fitness drove Raphael to pursue a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in the University of Otago. During his time in Dunedin, Raphael worked as a Fitness Trainer at Unipol Gym. This role allowed him to work with a range of clients in developing personalised exercise programmes.


With a keen interest in sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy, Raphael worked with several premier teams from rugby clubs in Dunedin and Christchurch. Now, he is the physiotherapist for Karori Football Club.

Raphael participated in recreational sports growing up, from taekwondo, to basketball and was a member of his college first XI Hockey team. Raphael enjoys Crossfit, an exercise regime that continually challenges his fitness whilst driving his competitive spirit. He enjoys the challenge of learning and developing his Olympic weightlifting and gymnastic skills.

Raphael enjoys the process of guiding a patient through their rehab journey. Whether it be an athlete with a mid-season injury, or a patient requiring pre-/post-surgery rehabilitation. Raphael strives to get his patients not just back to their activity, but better and stronger.


Raphael has participated in several courses over the years to continue developing his skills. He uses a combination of manual therapy (trigger point release dry needling, manual mobilisations etc) and an individualised exercise programme to craft his rehab plan



Gina Di Rienzo


Gina has been into sport from a young age, playing ice hockey from primary, and almost every sport in her school through secondary. She played competitive hockey and football until she came to NZ in 2009.  


Gina followed her interest in sport into her post-secondary education, graduating in 2007 from Queen’s University in Canada with her Bachelor of Life Science, Bachelor of Physical Education, and Masters of Science in Physical Therapy.  She began her career in a multidisciplinary clinic in Canada, and continued here in NZ, loving working in a team environment. Gina has taken a number of treatment based courses here in NZ, gained qualifications in dry needling and is a credentialed therapist with the McKenzie institute. 


Struggling to find any ice in Wellington until quite recently, Gina found CrossFit, and has been coaching at CrossFit Central Wellington since 2012. She’s gained her Level 2 Certificate, her mobility certificate, and attended the “Aerobic Capacity” course. This has allowed her to develop a unique knowledge of the requirements of these athletes as well as the skills to assist in movement assessment, technique correction, scaling options, and return to activity programs. 


Gina continues to coach and participate in CrossFit, coach and play ice hockey, and take care of her 1 year old (a sport in and of itself!).  She has a clear passion for teaching and works hard with patients to fix the cause of their pain, not just treat the pain itself.