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Tim Bio

Tim participated in competitive sports from a young age and, through his personal experiences of physiotherapy, was inspired to go into the profession. Tim’s 10 years of playing competitive football helped him fully understand a patient’s frustrations and need for good rehabilitation following an injury. He puts an emphasis on listening to each individual issue and refuses to put any one injury into a set treatment box. He is driven to make the best diagnosis with his skills and is gratified by great results!

Tim graduated from Otago University in 2006 and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine in 2009. He has qualifications in Clinical Pilates and Trigger Point Dry Needling and has experience working alongside some of New Zealand’s leading physiotherapists and elite sports teams. One of Tim’s main priorities is to keep up with medical best practice and provide his patient’s with the most up-to-date knowledge and treatment options. Alongside spending time with his family, playing golf, running and going to the gym, Tim spends his free time supporting local community sporting events, as well as working as a member of the Wellington sports medicine committee.

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Health, fitness and wellbeing have always been a big part of John’s life. The team environment and intense training of sport led John to pursue a career helping people achieve their full potential and live happier, healthier lives.

John graduated from the University of Ulster in Belfast in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physiotherapy. He began working in 2013 in the United Kingdom, initially gaining experience in some of the UK’s biggest hospitals. After rotating through different areas of speciality, John settled into musculoskeletal physiotherapy and gained experience working with trauma cases, post operative patients and athletes. He also worked on an achilles tendon research trial.

Since moving across the world in 2018, John has worked in Physiotherapy clinics both in New Zealand and Australia. This wide breadth of experience, across three countries and multiple teams, has helped shape him into the clinician that he is today.
John is also a qualified CrossFit coach and continues to train CrossFit regularly, as well as surf when he can.


Lucy prides herself on her ability to listen, empathise and communicate effectively with every client she meets. Lucy combines this empathetic approach with the current best practice guidelines to provide honest and up to date treatment.
Lucy graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2019 with a first class honors degree in Physiotherapy. She began working in the National Health Service in the UK where she gained experience in a variety of speciality areas across multiple hospitals and clinics. Lucy has a large amount of experience working with persistent pain, older adults, pelvic health and sports related injuries.

Lucy has played Gaelic football and basketball at a competitive level since she was a young child and has continued both of these sports here in Wellington. Having spent the last year in Australia, Lucy is now also a dedicated sea swimmer and surfer. Having had many sports-related injuries, Lucy knows how important rehabilitation and strength training are. Lucy incorporates these into her life no matter where she travels and encourages her clients to do the same.


Gina Di Rienzo

Gina is on Maternity leave and will be returning 2024

Gina has been into sport from a young age, playing ice hockey from primary, and almost every sport in her school through secondary. She played competitive hockey and football until she came to NZ in 2009.

Gina followed her interest in sport into her post-secondary education, graduating in 2007 from Queen’s University in Canada with her Bachelor of Life Science, Bachelor of Physical Education, and Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. She began her career in a multidisciplinary clinic in Canada, and continued here in NZ, loving working in a team environment. Gina has taken a number of treatment based courses here in NZ, gained qualifications in dry needling and is a credentialed therapist with the McKenzie institute.

Struggling to find any ice in Wellington until quite recently, Gina found CrossFit, and has been coaching at CrossFit Central Wellington since 2012. She’s gained her Level 2 Certificate, her mobility certificate, and attended the “Aerobic Capacity” course. This has allowed her to develop a unique knowledge of the requirements of these athletes as well as the skills to assist in movement assessment, technique correction, scaling options, and return to activity programs.

Gina continues to coach and participate in CrossFit, coach and play ice hockey, and take care of her 1 year old (a sport in and of itself!). She has a clear passion for teaching and works hard with patients to fix the cause of their pain, not just treat the pain itself.


Callum’s comprehensive knowledge of best practice facilitates an exceptionally high quality of care for his clients. Through his postgraduate studies, Callum has developed advanced skills in many areas, such as joint mobilisation/manipulation, exercise prescription, return-to-sport testing, post-operative sports rehabilitation, and dry needling. Callum is passionate about using his wide range of skills to provide individualised treatment approaches that are centred around his client's goals.

Callums has 6 years of clinical experience working with athletes and members of the general public. He achieved his Bachelor of Physiotherapy with distinction in 2017, his Post-graduate diploma of Physiotherapy with distinction in 2021, and Masters of Physiotherapy with distinction in 2022. Callum has been awarded the Stanley Paris post-graduate scholarship and the Mark Steptoe award for demonstrating the highest overall standard of practice in his post-graduate class. On top of this, Callum has completed his dry needling qualification and certificate of orthopaedic manipulative therapy. He has published articles on promoting cultural safety in healthcare and preventing adductor injuries in football players.

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